October 6, 2023

How to live into your 100s — diabetes drugs, sleep and mates

German billionaire Christian Angermayer is a prolific investor into longevity and psychedelics

Tim Smith

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Christian Angermayer at Sifted Summit

Stay alive for 20 more years. 

That’s the advice of longevity investor Christian Angermayer, who says that — by then — new drugs will come onto the market that will begin adding extra years to our lives.

“There are plenty of real medical drugs in later-stage development that will completely change how we age and also give us more time,” he said on stage at Sifted Summit. 

“There will be this one magic year, where we will lose one calendar year by ageing but we win more than one year back. You want to be alive when this escape velocity happens.”


Angermayer — who has invested in companies developing longevity treatments like Rejuveron, Juvenescence and Cambrian Bio — also shared his own personal tips for living longer, as he waits for that magic year to arrive.


Angermayer recommended the diabetes drug Ozempic as one of the newest methods he’s using to try and live longer.

“I do it [Ozempic] because it’s proven that any of these diabetes drugs, which level out your insulin spikes, are great,” he said, adding that so-called “vanity drugs” (Ozempic is commonly used for weight loss) often come with positive effects.

“There’s a drug in phase 2b trials that is helping people to keep their muscles into their 90s. You might say again, ‘Oh, this is just for vanity’. But it’s super important for ageing because a lot of health problems come because old people rapidly lose muscles.”

Angermayer added that he also takes energy-metabolism drug NAD+ and vitamin D. 

“The rule is: if you’re not living at the equator and running around naked outside all day, you are vitamin D deficient.”

Apart from the biohacking, he also commended some more natural solutions to living longer, saying that five lifestyle choices “constitute 80% of how you age”. These include sleep, diet, social interaction, exercise and not consuming drugs or alcohol.

Merging man and machine

Angermayer also shared his thoughts on the future of AI and how it will affect humanity, arguing that people and computers will combine through brain-computer interfaces. 

“We’re merging with it [AI]. We have real people with a chip in their brain and we can do extremely fascinating things for people with disabilities,” he said. 

“But it frightens people because suddenly, it changes a bit what it means to be human… I can totally see that in 50 years, we [will] have evolved to another species.”

Angermeyer, who is also a prolific investor in psychedelic healthcare, gave one more tip for staying happy and healthy in these confusing times we find ourselves in — advocating for the positive effects of compounds like psilocybin (the active ingredient in “magic” mushrooms).


“Clearly psychedelics make people happy and alcohol is fucking shit!”

Tim Smith

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