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What matters to us

We are a team who likes to roll up our sleeves, ask the hard questions and work hard — together — to find the answers to them.

We’re curious and we love to learn

We like to be brilliant at what we do but we’re honest about what we don’t know

We give people lots of responsibility and trust them to do great work

We enjoy working together and solve problems as a team

We treat people with respect and deeply believe in diverse and inclusive teams

Perks and benefits

🎓Learning budget

With my £1000 annual development budget, I chose to have a career coach over several months to get clarity over my development, progress and future as a reporter. We discussed my path into journalism, my strengths, and my blindspots as a reporter and colleague.

I feel I grew hugely in confidence and clarity in my career and thoughtfulness around what excellence looks like. I also designed structures of accountability in my growth.

Isabel, senior reporter

Interesting work

Every day at Sifted is different and there is a real 'test and learn' mindset. Everyone's ideas are welcomed, heard and acted upon. There's no bureaucracy or hoops to jump through – if it's a good idea, you're able to just run with it and see what happens, which was really refreshing. The people are also great!

I love working with so many different teams on a variety of projects and it's a very welcoming environment to come into as a new hire.

Francesco, head of product


Getting equity in the business makes me feel more part of the team, that I'm building something amazing and will be rewarded for my efforts should we achieve our goals.

The level of responsibility I have here is much more than I would get in a larger B2B outfit, and I want to look back and say "I built that" and have learned so much on the journey!

Laura, people and talent manager

🇪🇺20 days 'Nomad' working

In 2021, I worked from Paris, Florence, Istanbul and Helsinki. My trips allowed me to connect with Sifted fans on the ground (and meet new ones!) and better understand the incredible work being done across Europe’s tech ecosystem.

Because Sifted is a remote-enabled organisation, I was able to collaborate with colleagues and manage business as usual, in addition to getting the benefits of learning about new companies and communities.

Eleanor, deputy editor