2024 edition27.03.2024

Sifted 100: UK & Ireland

Welcome to the inaugural Sifted Leaderboard, the Sifted 100: UK & Ireland, which ranks the fastest-growing startups across the UK and Ireland by revenue growth. With a combined employee count of more than 16,000 and generated revenues of £6.5bn over the past three financial years, the significant contribution of these tech companies to their respective economies should be recognised.

To be eligible, startups had to meet the following criteria: headquartered in the UK or Ireland; founded in or after 2014; maximum headcount of 999; private and independent; majority of revenue must be generated by proprietary technology; at least three years of revenue data; and revenue (annualised if necessary) of at least £85k in the base year (2020, 2021 or 2022) and at least £850k in the most recent financial year (2022, 2023 or 2024). Companies were required to submit signed documentation to support disclosed financial information not publicly available at Companies House.

Read the accompanying research report here.

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