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There’s a new generation of entrepreneurs taking the European tech scene by storm.

From Madrid to Milan, Bucharest to Berlin, startup innovators are rewriting the economy’s rules and making waves across the continent. With some 98 cities producing at least one tech unicorn (so far) — Europe has created a decentralised Silicon Valley.

Sifted is the leading media brand for the European startup community. Backed by the Financial Times, our team of dedicated journalists spans the continent. Our unrivalled journalism sifts through the noise to give you breaking news, insightful analysis and actionable data.

We focus on the human dimension of entrepreneurialism — how the tough reality of running a startup so often diverges from the mythology; how successful startups have shaped inclusive internal cultures; and how some founders have spurned the VC route and bootstrapped their way to success.

Our mission is to be the critical friend of Europe’s startup community and to amplify and empower the founders, investors and startup operators driving innovation from the front.

The Team

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    Founder / Editorial Director

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    Founder / Executive chair

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    Head of Strategy and Planning

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  • Amy Lewin


  • Eleanor Warnock

    Deputy Editor

  • Tom Nugent

    Digital Editor

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    Senior Reporter

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    Senior Reporter

  • Tim Smith

    Senior Reporter

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    Senior Reporter

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    Senior Reporter

  • Amy O'Brien


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  • Miriam Partington


  • Alex Oscroft

    Subeditor and SEO Manager

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    Editorial Assistant

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    Freelance Reporter

  • Commercial

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    Partnerships Director

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    Digital project manager and content producer

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    Conference Producer

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    Event operations executive

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    Delegate Sales Executive

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    Junior writer

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    Client services manager

  • Intelligence Unit

  • Chris Sisserian

    Head of Intelligence

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    Intelligence Editor

  • Jonathan Sinclair

    Intelligence Research Manager

  • Éanna Kelly

    Contributing editor

  • Marie Mawad

    Journalist, editorial strategist

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    Startup Analyst

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    Startup Analyst

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    Intelligence Analyst

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    Head of Product

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    Consultant Software Engineer

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    Software Engineer

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    Software Engineer

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    Senior-end Engineer

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    Front-end engineer

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    UX/Product Design

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    Product Analytics

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    Product designer

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    Graphic/Product Design

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