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Inside the ecommerce boom: How are startup brands keeping up with consumers? event promo image

97% of ecommerce CEOs want to innovate their business models in the next 18 months. So, in a competitive climate, how can brands remain digitally relevant by utilising their marketing strategy? This Sifted Talks will examine how changing consumer habits are shaping the retail game… and how marketers are keeping up.



Moderated by: Éanna Kelly, contributing editor, Sifted


Tina Aird, industry and audience manager EMEA, Microsoft Advertising

Rob Cassedy, CEO, Wallapop

Adrian Frenzel, COO, Gorillas

Emma Ridderstad, cofounder and CEO, Warpin Media

The SaaS power couple you need: How to marry product-led and sales-led growth event promo image

We’re in a golden age for SaaS — with startups achieving hefty valuations and rocketship growth. So, what are the sales models powering the sector’s growth and how can SaaS leaders use them? This Sifted Talks will explore the strategies, tools and frameworks startups are using to scale with speed. 



Moderated by: Eleanor Warnock, commissioning editor, Sifted


Melanie Gabriel, cofounder and CMO, Yokoy

Keji Mustapha, global director, brand and community, Partech

Christian Owens, founder and CEO, Paddle

Firmin Zocchetto, cofounder and CEO, PayFit

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