Europe’s startup unicorns

Europe's unicorns, tracked.

Unicorns aren’t the rare beast they once were in European tech — despite the long odds that companies shooting for that milestone still face.

Europe is now home to over 120 unicorns, according to Sifted’s definition, 68 of which graduated in 2021 alone — more than triple the 18 new entries of 2020 and four times as many as all unicorns minted on the continent before 2014. That means Europe made more than five unicorns a month in 2021.

To help you keep track of it all, Sifted’s team has compiled a list of Europe’s unicorns using data from European Startups and our own research — with valuation estimates from Dealroom. We’ll update the list whenever a new company hits the billion-dollar valuation.

Sifted defines a unicorn as a privately held, VC-backed company valued at $1bn. To be considered unicorns, startups must have: reached a $1bn valuation on any round previous to IPO or acquisition, been founded after 2005 and be both founded and headquartered in Europe. Companies valued at $1bn at IPO but never at any prior financing stage are not considered unicorns as they are no longer privately held at that valuation. Please let us know if we’ve missed any at [email protected]


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