Top French startups to follow in 2020

A hundred of France's most exciting companies

In 2019 $4.8bn in venture capital funding was raised by French startups, up nearly threefold since 2015, and France has become one of the hottest tech hubs in Europe.

But which are France’s most exciting startups? Which are the French startups to watch in 2020?

Our team of experts at Sifted have chosen a list of nearly 100 exciting companies we think you need to know about, with an added “Sifted take” to provide an extra layer of insight on the most interesting.

Dig into our list below, and keep reading Sifted’s extensive coverage of French startups to stay informed about Europe’s new economy!

(P.S The data is from our partners at If there is anyone missing from this list, or anything is wrong, please let us know by email at [email protected]).

NB The Dealroom data about employee growth is mainly from LinkedIn, and so is not perfect (people may not always update their profiles when they move jobs, for instance). But it gives some idea about the rate of change from 2018 to 2019. We have classed 0%-20% growth as “staying level”, 20%-100% growth as “growth” and 100% plus growth as “hyper-growth”.

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