July 24, 2023

Watch our interview with Passion Capital's Eileen Burbidge on Monzo crises and healthtech building

Startup Europe — The Sifted Podcast sat down with one of London's best-known investors

Alex Oscroft

1 min read

This week on Startup Europe — The Sifted Podcast, we're back with another long-form interview to dive deep into the life and career of one of the UK's biggest startup names.

We're joined by Eileen Burbidge, cofounder of London-based early-stage VC firm Passion Capital and director at reproductive healthcare company Fertifa.

She came into the studio to reflect on the differences between Silicon Valley and London, her time at Monzo and how she wants to fix reproductive healthcare in Europe.


You can listen the interview here, or watch it above.

Alex Oscroft

Alex Oscroft is Sifted's subeditor. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn