🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏽 Crowdfunding is big business, says Beahurst, in this report on top investor types in the UK.


👼 Atomico heavyweight investor Sophia Bendz on what being an Angel investor means to her.


💋 Is going public in Europe the kiss of death, asks Labiotech, which writes about European biotech.

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💀Are vast funding rounds a death knell to startups? Scott Kupor, partner at Andreessen Horowitz, thinks so and says as much in his new book, The Secrets of Sand Hill Road.


🤔 Investors are picky, but founders should vet investors too. Connect VC partner Rory Sterling explains what questions startups should ask and why.


🌍 Meet Suzanne Ashman-Blair, partner at much-watched London VC LocalGlobe.

Big ideas


🚗 Car ownership is so over. The average car is unused 96% of the time, says French firm Atos in its deep-dive into the future of British transport.


🦄 What a rising unicorn population says about the UK tech ecosystem, from Forbes.


🚲 What happens to rental scooters and bikes when they die? Micromobility podcast cohost Oliver Bruce sheds light on our wasteful woes.


🔮 How far are we from achieving general artificial intelligence? From Forbes.


🐝 How once down-at-heels Manchester is reinventing itself as a meeting place for education, industry and government.


🇪🇺 Great Wired profile on Margrethe Vestager: the European entirely unafraid of the US tech giants.


🥐 Not sure what’s going on with the French tech scene? Well, then there’s a lot to catch up on: read this, from Venture Beat.


🏥 What’s next for the NHS app? Partnerships with other app developers, for one.


📇 How can corporations work better with startups? From the Harvard Business Review.


⏳ What should a post-Series A CTO spend their time on?


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