June 13, 2019

Top longer reads this week about European tech and startups

On angel investing, the end of cars and questions all founders should ask their VCs, here are the best articles from a week in European tech


Crowdfunding is big business, says Beauhurst, in this report on top investor types in the UK.

Atomico heavyweight investor Sophia Bendz on what being an Angel investor means to her.

Is going public in Europe the kiss of death, asks Labiotech, which writes about European biotech.

Are vast funding rounds a death knell to startups? Scott Kupor, partner at Andreessen Horowitz, thinks so and says as much in his new book, The Secrets of Sand Hill Road.

Investors are picky, but founders should vet investors too. Connect VC partner Rory Sterling explains what questions startups should ask and why.

Meet Suzanne Ashman-Blair, partner at much-watched London VC LocalGlobe.

Big ideas

Car ownership is so over. The average car is unused 96% of the time, says French firm Atos in its deep-dive into the future of British transport.


What a rising unicorn population says about the UK tech ecosystem, from Forbes.

What happens to rental scooters and bikes when they die? Micromobility podcast cohost Oliver Bruce sheds light on our wasteful woes.

How far are we from achieving general artificial intelligence? From Forbes.

How once down-at-heels Manchester is reinventing itself as a meeting place for education, industry and government.

Great Wired profile on Margrethe Vestager: the European entirely unafraid of the US tech giants.

Not sure what’s going on with the French tech scene? Well, then there’s a lot to catch up on: read this, from Venture Beat.

What’s next for the NHS app? Partnerships with other app developers, for one.


How can corporations work better with startups? From the Harvard Business Review.

⏳ What should a post-Series A CTO spend their time on?