October 29, 2021

What you’ve all been waiting for… The Sifted Podcast

We’re about to invade your ears.

The day you’ve all been waiting for is finally here — we are very excited to announce the launch of The Sifted Podcast, our first foray into audio journalism.

What can you expect?

Starting in mid-November we’ll be publishing four pilot episodes, sponsored by Zendesk for Startups, that will explore Europe’s hottest sectors and some of our most popular stories, from psychedelics and audio erotica to neobanks for the uber rich.

Our host is Sifted's editor Michael Stothard, who will be speaking to the humans behind the stories, including the journalists, founders and users whose lives are impacted by the startups.


You’ll also hear from London’s newest — and smallest — investor, Michael’s five-year-old daughter Eliza, who will be grilling founders on their product-market fit and deciding if she wants to trade in her marshmallows for a piece of their business.

And each episode is under 30 minutes long — perfect for a commute or to squeeze in between meetings.

What happened when drone delivery sent a tiny Irish town into a Jetsons-like future? How are female-led audio erotica startups changing the way we think about porn? Subscribe now to find out.


Host: Michael Stothard

Producers: Tim Smith & Georgina Ustik