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Tech workers want to relocate to Germany more than any other country in the world

Germany tops the list for the second year in a row

By Freya Pratty

Germany has topped the list of the most desired destinations in Europe for tech workers to move to for the second year in a row, according to data from Relocate.me.

Relocate.me, a site for tech workers looking for vacancies abroad, said its users expressed most interest in moving to the country, followed in Europe by the Netherlands and the UK.


Out of the top ten relocation destinations overall, seven of them are in Europe, with Canada, Australia and the US also featuring in the top 10. 

In Southern Europe, Spain was the most popular, followed by Italy and then Portugal. In Central and Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic was the most popular, followed by Poland and Estonia. 


A lot of European tech companies put their international hiring on hold when the pandemic struck and problems arose over getting work permits for non-EU residents.

Germany, however, released a fast-track procedure in March 2020 to speed up the process for obtaining a work permit for highly-skilled workers accounting in part for its attractiveness to foreign workers this year. 

Germany has long been seen as an attractive place for tech workers, with Berlin in particularly drawing in a large international crowd coming to work in the city’s large number of successful startups such as GetYourGuide, N26 and Raisin.

Relocation bounces back

Across all countries, the numbers of tech workers wanting to move abroad dropped significantly earlier this year as lockdowns came into force, but the levels have bounced back and, overall, 2020’s seen more people interested in relocating than last year. 

The number of people going to Relocate.me’s site and searching for jobs abroad hit at a low in April, before picking up from June onwards and increasing across the year.

October saw the highest number of people visiting the site ever and, overall, 2020 was up 39% on last year. 

In terms of the countries where people are looking to relocate from, none of the top 10 are European India is the most common, followed by Russia and Nigeria. 

“The pandemic has dramatically affected the way tech companies hire international talent,” says Andrew Stetsenko, CEO and founder of Relocate.me. 

In previous years, he says, about 50% of companies would invite prospective foreign candidates to on site interviews.

“Now, the interviewing process is entirely remote. Moreover, some companies start working with and onboarding their newly hired foreign employees before getting a work permit.”

And although a lot of jobs have turned remote, Stetsenko believes the destination still matters “many people still prefer to work from home in some cool place, like Berlin, London, or another bustling startup hub.”


Freya Pratty covers news at Sifted. She tweets from @FPratty

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ahahha I was working Dell in Germany for 3 years and i got major depression because of racism in Germany. So BIG NO.



Marc H
Marc H

Worked three years in Berlin. At first we lived in Neuköln in a temporary place, people were not friendly. Turkish people constantly looked at me like I was doing something wrong. I thought maybe they think I am a Kurd since I am a brown guy. Later, being a senior designer I could afford a flat in a nice area, on the second day coming home after work, a neighbour blocked the door in front of me, refused to let me enter the corridor, she thought I was a burglar, I told her I just moved there but she didn’t… Read more »


I’m sorry man but I think you should look for a therapy. Nobody cares about you this much but you


thanks for sharing

Max M
Max M

I am sorry for the experiences you’ve made.

Germany, like most countries in the world, still has a long way to go. Unfortunately, neither Berlin nor any other German city, is a true, colorful melting pot like London or New York. German society is much more homogenous than in those global hubs defined by immigration from all continents.

Nasir Mahmood
Nasir Mahmood

Germany is best place if you know german. Otherwise be ready to face racism.

Mike Burton
Mike Burton

This is really an eye-opener! Thanks for sharing. The media normally tells you that everything is better with the United Statians, instead of with Germans. Good stuff! Auf Wiedersehen