February 12, 2021

Introducing Sifted’s latest newsletter, Sustain

We’re launching a new newsletter, weekly on Thursdays, investigating the fast-developing sustainability startup scene.


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When Sifted launched two years ago, sustainability wasn’t something all that many startups or investors were talking about. Now, it’s becoming a priority — quite rightly — and we want to understand all the twists and turns of how this sector is developing. 

So next week, after months of incubation, we bring you the latest addition to the Sifted newsletter family: our Sustain newsletter.

Every Thursday, our sustainability reporters Sarah Drumm and Connor Bilboe will share the most interesting developments of the week and interview the startups, researchers and investors leading the way towards a future where profit and purpose are delightfully intertwined. 


They’ll look at which startups are paving the way to a sustainable, zero-carbon future — and who’s just saying they are. They’ll also investigate which technologies and initiatives actually work; pick apart how companies big and small are measuring impact; and explore novel markets, from carbon capture and bioplastics to insect rearing and vertical farming.

Our readers already include people at Cambridge University, the World Food Programme, Infarm, ETF Partners, Pale Blue Dot and Mustard Seed Maze.

The Sustain newsletter is essential reading for all those working at the intersection of startups and climate. It doesn’t just cover the breaking sustainability tech news in Europe, but also offers a critical look at some of the key challenges in this space.” — Lauren Lentz, founding partner, Revent

Our founding partners for the Sustain newsletter are Tech Nation and Norrsken. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to develop our reporting in this direction — or bring it to you for free. 

"Having launched our inaugural Net Zero Programme at Tech Nation, we are proud to support Sifted's sustainability newsletter. With an estimated 40% of emissions reductions required to achieve net zero relying on technologies yet to be used in mass-markets, it is brilliant that Sifted is focusing on the emerging technologies and startups driving emissions reduction," says Tech Nation’s net zero programme executive Sammy Fry.

We’re excited about what’s happening where tech and sustainability meets in Europe. If you are too, don’t get left behind. Sign up here.