April 22, 2020

Who will be the startup pioneers of the 'new world'?

Nominate the European pioneers you think will be at the forefront of the post-crisis world.

Photo of hot air balloons in the sky

The world has changed. This year — and probably many years to come — is not going to pan out how anybody expected it to in January. 

Society is adjusting, priorities are shifting and companies are transforming too — that also goes for the European startup ecosystem. 

Sectors such as consumer health, education, remote-working, ecommerce and logistics (to name just a few) might never be the same again. 


We’re putting on our optimists’ hats at Sifted and looking for the ways in which the ‘new world’ might be an improvement on the old. 

We’d like to highlight some of the people (as well as their products and initiatives) from Europe’s startup ecosystem that will be at the forefront of this evolution. 

We want to hear about those designing the services we really need now, and about products that make new ways of working and living possible. 

We want to know about leaders who’ve come into their own during the crisis and the leaders of communities that have become more essential than ever.

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