September 21, 2022

We’re streamlining membership at Sifted

Join our community with Sifted Free, Sifted Plus or Sifted Pro

John Thornhill

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Back in 2019, Sifted was launched to be the "critical friend" to Europe's fast-growing startup community, which is doing so much to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges and revitalise the region’s economy. 

With smart analysis and fresh data, we provide actionable insights that founders, operators and investors rely on across startup Europe. 

We believe that quality journalism like this is worth investing in: which is why we launched our paid membership system in February last year.


Our membership model enables our growing team of journalists, based across the continent, to uncover the stories shaping European tech. 

Now, with a community of thousands already enjoying its benefits, we're streamlining our membership offering so that you and your team can enjoy the best that Sifted has to offer. 

Introducing our new membership tiers...

If you want to sample Sifted membership for free you can do so with Sifted Free, which lets you read a selection of articles every month. You’ll also be able to sign up to our range of newsletters — covering climate tech, venture capital, fintech and startup life — and attend our regular Sifted Talks. Just create your free account and you're good to go. 

For uninterrupted access to all our journalism, join Sifted Plus. From solar-powered cars to Europe’s biggest cannabis factory, our journalists tell some remarkable stories. Plus members enjoy exclusive content ahead of its wider release, so you can read our most in-depth market analysis, investor surveys and startup rankings before your competitors do.

Sifted Plus also gives you exclusive discounts to our flagship events across Europe, including the upcoming Sifted Summit this October. 

Finally, for the professional community, there’s our top tier of membership: Sifted Pro — the definitive source of insights on the European startup ecosystem.

In addition to the benefits of Sifted Plus, Pro members enjoy weekly, investment-grade briefings on emerging sectors. If you need to get up to speed on a particular market fast, you can bet there’s a Pro briefing for that . Our 50+ past briefings have covered everything from nanotech, autonomous vehicles and agritech to last-mile delivery, smart cities and carbon capture.  

At Sifted we've made a point of focusing on the human dimension of entrepreneurialism: how the tough reality of running a startup so often diverges from the mythology; how successful startups have shaped inclusive corporate cultures; and how some founders have spurned the VC route and bootstrapped their way to success. So, if you’re passionate about the European startup ecosystem, then please support us and help build the community.

John Thornhill

John Thornhill is Sifted’s editorial director and cofounder. He is also innovation editor of the Financial Times, and tweets from @johnthornhillft