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March 22, 2023

How to pitch Sifted as a freelancer

Want to write for us? Here’s how to pitch.

Sifted is the leading media brand for the European startup community. 

Backed by the Financial Times, we focus on the human dimension of entrepreneurialism — how the tough reality of running a startup and building a culture impacts the people working in them. We also take an in-depth look at investment and technology trends, charting which VCs are making money, challenging valuations and unpacking the hottest sectors.

We’re always looking to work with new writers at Sifted. In particular, we’re looking for people who can help us build contacts and dig up the real story in geographies and sectors where we might not have a dedicated reporter, or on topics we might have overlooked. 

We accept pitches for the following formats:

A few things we don't cover:

  • Big tech — ie. Apple, Facebook, Uber. Any company that is listed is probably no longer in our remit.
  • Companies that aren't headquartered in Europe! (We do not cover Israeli startups.) 
  • "Old startups" — ie. those founded before 2010 
  • Mom-and-pop businesses / non-VC backable startups 

Our readers are mostly founders, people who work in startups and investors, based in Europe but also in the US and Asia. 


How to pitch:

Please provide one or two ideas (a paragraph on each idea), some clips, and a link to your Twitter or LinkedIn. 

Pitches can be directed to Amy and Eleanor


We pay around €250 for short pieces and around €300-350 for longer pieces.