October 30, 2022

Will Rishi Sunak be good for UK tech? — Startup Europe, The Sifted Podcast

All signs point to Sunak continuing to be extremely supportive of the UK’s startup scene

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On the pod this week, we talk about what the UK’s third prime minister in as many months will mean for the country’s tech community. Will Rishi Sunak — a former goldman sachs banker and hedge fund manager — be a good thing for UK founders? Potentially... 

On the less positive side of things, we also discuss recent gender pay gap data. Startups in France, the UK and Germany, and the UK came out worst of the lot.

Then we move to tampons, CBD tampons, with the news that London-based startup called Daye has raised £10m


Next, we chat to Freya Pratty, our climate tech reporter, as there has been a lot of climate tech news this week. We talk green steel, plant-based meat, carbon capture and storage tech, and whether private jets can be climate friendly. 

Lastly, we’re joined by Martin Bittner, CEO of Arctoris, an Oxford-based startup that automates drug discovery, about whether a lack of lab space is threatening UK biotech. Founders tell Sifted it is.