August 21, 2022

Why Robinhood tanked a crypto app's valuation to re-enter the UK

This week on the pod, we dive into the latest casualty of the crypto winter

This week on The Sifted Podcast, we dive into the crypto slump — specifically how crypto exchange Ziglu had its valuation cut in half by its buyer, Robinhood.

That means some Ziglu investors will lose 40% on their original investment, with one saying the startup's directors “should be ashamed” for accepting the revised deal. We dig into what the companies are saying.

In happier news, Barcelona-based startup Microverse doubled its valuation this week. It's one of a growing number of programmes that use a model where students pay nothing to complete the course and repay their fees as a percentage of their salary once they start earning a certain wage.


We chat to Zosia Wanat, our central and eastern Europe reporter, about tech talent in Ukraine. 91% of Ukrainian founders now need financial support, according to a new report. 

Then we stay with Zosia and discuss a story that came out last week — why startups suck at talking to governments. We ask, should founders be lobbying more?

Finally, we talk to our reporter Kai Nicol-Schwarz about our latest community survey about mental health in startups. From burnouts to bro culture, we look at the data — and share our experience at Sifted. 

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