August 8, 2022

The Sifted Podcast — Gorillas: a €60m burn rate, big cash bailouts and a looming downround

We're talking Gorillas' looming downround, a record-breaking elderly care raise and more.

Georgina Ustik

1 min read

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This week on The Sifted Podcast, Eleanor is joined by writer Éanna Kelly in our very own Sifted studio! Unfortunately, you may hear a few bumps and muffled background noise as we get to grips with it, but bear with us.

In this episode, we're discussing Gorillas, the embattled speedy grocery company that's set to raise $250m in funding from existing investors at a reduced valuation. We also chat about Cornerstone VC's new £20m fund to back diverse early-stage UK founders, and elderly care platform Cera's £260m round of roughly half equity and half debt, making it Europe's biggest ever round in the elderly care sector.

Next, we have fintech reporter Amy O'Brien on to speak about the new wave of European fintechs taking on the fractional ownership real estate model. 


And finally, podcast producer and Iberian correspondent Tim Smith shares his experience shadowing a food delivery courier in extreme heat.

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