July 24, 2022

The Sifted Podcast — should your boss pay your energy bills?

We're digging into the hottest startup news, trom UK neobank Starling hitting profitability for the first time to the departure of Depop CEO Maria Raga

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This week on the pod, we're discussing the week's biggest news, including an announcement that UK neobank Starling hit profitability for the first time; the departure of Depop CEO Maria Raga and mass layoffs at Amazon aggregator unicorn SellerX.

We also chat about Seabery, a Spanish augmented reality startup that's recently raised its first investment round to help train welders. Could AR save the wasteful global manufacturing industry?

Finally, as inflation and a cost of living crisis hit Europe, we speak to future of work reporter Miriam Partington about how startup employees increasingly have to use their work perks to help pay their bills. 


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