August 28, 2022

Is Babylon going to be booted off the New York Stock Exchange?

To boot or not to boot, this week we chat about the situation with UK healthtech Babylon

This week on the pod, we discuss the fate of early superstar of the UK tech scene, healthtech company Babylon.

The startup's share price has dropped by 90% this year and is now at risk of being booted out of the New York Stock Exchange. Our editor Amy Lewin shares her thoughts on the situation.

In our news roundup, we turn to central and eastern Europe and talk about Warsaw-based Inovo — the first VC in Poland to ever raise a third fund. It's a strong sign that the region's startup ecosystem is maturing.


Then we chat about Web3 startup Thirdweb, which has raised $24m, at a $160m valuation. It's building a development tool to allow people to build apps and games in the metaverse. 

Next, there's a startup, Anaphite, that reckons it's found a way to cut EV charging times in half. It's based in Bristol in the UK and has just raised a £4.1m seed round.

Lastly, we speak to our producer Tim Smith about a story he's working on about what claims to be the world’s most advanced AI system available to consumers. Do the claims stand up?

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