February 5, 2024

Show us the money

How better payments can make online marketplaces work for their freelancers and sellers

Steph Bailey

1 min read

The current economic climate is impacting global gig workers significantly. According to research by Mastercard, last year, 47% reported that they struggled to pay their regular bills and 61% have had to use savings to cover their expenses.

As the future becomes more freelance, Sifted, in partnership with Mastercard, took a dive into the growing global gig economy, the changing needs of gig workers and how payments, such as real-time payment rails and card-based disbursements, can help freelancers and sellers. You can read the interactive here.

Written by Aruni Sunil. Edited by Steph Bailey and Jamie Condliffe. Illustration by Gaétan Nivon. Produced by Steph Bailey and Tanya Maheshwari.


Steph Bailey

Steph Bailey is head of content at Sifted. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn