June 5, 2024

All the new first-time European VC funds of 2024

It’s a slog — but these European VCs are raising (and closing) first-time funds

Amy Lewin

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Fundraising in 2023 was not easy, for founders or VCs. Sifted tracked just 40 new first-time funds that announced a first or second close in 2023 — compared to over 60 in 2022.

Will 2024 be rosier? 

We’re not too sure.

Limited partnerships are still waiting for more established funds to return capital, the public listing market is still on ice and the mood music remains muted. 

But those dogged VCs who do succeed in closing a fund in 2024 we’ll list right here. 

This article was first published on January 10 and last updated on June 17. 

All the new first-time VC funds raised in 2024

Italian Founders Fund

HQ: Milan
Fund size:
Closed €50m
Italian founders (no matter where they are based) 
Pre-seed and seed


The aptly-named Italian Founders Fund (IFF) announced its first fund — backed by over 100 Italian founders — in June. IFF hopes to lead investments into 25 startups, writing cheques of €500k to €1.5m. It will reserve up to €2.5m per company for follow-ons.

Equilibrium Ventures

HQ: Helsinki
Fund size:
Closed €6m, target €30m

Crypto isn't dead — or at least, that's what Equilibrium Ventures (EQV) is betting on. It's an offshoot of engineering company Equilibrium, and the team is hoping that the ability to draw on its parent company's technical expertise will give it an edge when competing for deals, especially when it comes to crypto infrastructure.


HQ: London
Fund size: Closed "30% minimum fund size", targeting $10m
Focus: Operator-led startups in Europe and Africa
Stage: Even earlier than pre-seed

Founded by Maria Rotilu, a former Octopus Ventures, Oxford Seed Fund and Hustle Fund investor, and Uber country manager for Nigeria, Openseed will invest in operator-led startups in Europe and Africa. Rotilu, Europe's first Black solo GP, announced a first close in May 2024.

HQ: Berlin 
Fund size:
Closed €15m, target €50m 
LGBTQ+ led startups
Pre-seed to Series A is focused on backing startups with LGBTQ+ representation in the leadership team — a first of its kind in Europe. According to the firm, an estimated 15% of startups in Europe have an LGBTQ+ founder. will write cheques of €250k-€1.5m into roughly 25 companies.

Backfuture Ventures

HQ: London
Fund size: Closed $3m, target $10m
Focus: SaaS
Stage: Pre-seed and seed

Launched by the founder of software startup conference SaaStock, Backfuture Ventures announced a first close of its first fund in June. It will write £100k-200k cheques into pre-seed and seed-stage SaaS startups, primarily in Europe. Solo GP Alex Theuma hopes to close the fund by the end of the summer.

Photo of Yonca Braeckman, cofounder and CEO at Impact Shakers.
Yonca Braeckman, cofounder and CEO at Impact Shakers

Impact Shakers 

HQ: Belgium
Fund size: Closed €5m, targeting €20m
Focus: Impact startups
Stage: Early-stage

Impact Shakers, which began as an organisation running incubator and accelerator programmes for diverse founders working on impact startups, announced a first close of its first VC fund in April. It will run one accelerator per year, for four years, and invest in six to eight companies from each cohort. It writes initial cheques of €150k and reserves up to €1.5m per company for follow-ons. It’s particularly focused on founders from diverse backgrounds working on climate tech, impact infrastructure and inclusion tech.

Rialto Ventures

HQ: Venice, Italy
Fund size: Closed €55m, target €100m
Focus: B2B tech
Stage: Series A

In May, Rialto Ventures announced its first fund to invest in 'hard tech' founders across Europe — and said it has done eight deals already. Its general partners are Simone Brunozzi, a founder and investor, and Stefano Quintarelli, who founded I.NET, Italy’s first internet service provider and invented Italy’s public ID system SPID. Alessandro Profumo, formerly the head of several Italian banks, is also a partner at the fund.

14Peaks Capital

HQ: Switzerland
Fund size: $30m closed
Focus: B2B SaaS startups
Stage: Pre-seed to Series A

Edoardo Ermotti joined Europe's growing pack of solo GPs in April when he announced a final close of his first fund, 14 Peaks Capital. He invests in Europe and the US, with a specific focus on fintech and the future of work.


Isomer Secondaries Fund

HQ: London
Fund size: Closed £20m+, targeting £100m
Focus: Secondaries

Not a new investment firm — but a new type of fund. Isomer Capital, best known as a VC fund of funds, announced a new dedicated secondaries fund in April. The secondaries fund will primarily buy LP stakes in VC funds from existing LPs, but will also buy stakes in a small number of private companies.

JuneX Evergreen Fund

HQ: London and Nice
Fund size: Closed €100m
Focus: European startups, scaleups and VCs 

In April, JuneX announced the closure of an €100m evergreen fund to invest in startups and VC funds. It offers equity, debt and bridge financings. Its founders, Régis Micheli and Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet, are former entrepreneurs turned investors.

Varsity VC 

HQ: Paris
Fund size: Closed €75m, targeting €150m
Focus: Fintech, healthtech, climate tech and enterprise software
Stage: Seed

Banking veteran and ex-Société Générale deputy CEO Didier Valet announced a first close of his first fund to invest in seed-stage startups in February. Varsity VC plans to back up to 30 companies, and save two-thirds of the fund for follow-ons. 

Kost Capital

HQ: Frederiksberg, Denmark
Fund size: Undisclosed amount closed in January, €25m target
Focus: Foodtech
Stage: Pre-seed and seed

Kost invests in the “inputs” — think ingredients and manufacturing solutions — that will power next gen food startups. It writes cheques of €750k-1m. The team includes general partner Bodil Sidén, who was previously a partner at Stockholm-based VC blq invest, founding partner Mark Emil Hermansen, cofounder of flavour and drinks startup Empirical and former concept manager at Noma, and founding partner Kasper Hulthin, cofounder of Peakon. The fund has grown out of a food development studio, which helps turn ideas from universities into commercially viable products. 

Prequel Ventures

HQ: Berlin
Fund size: Just over 10% closed late 2023, target €10m
Focus: Supply chain tech across Europe
Stage: Pre-seed and seed 

Born out of a research project to map supply chain tech startups in Europe, Prequel Ventures is a new (very specialised) early-stage fund announced in January 2024. It has two founding partners, writes cheques of €50-100k and has made three investments as of the start of 2024. 

33N Ventures

HQ: Porto and Madrid
Fund size: Closed €50m, target €150m 
Cybersecurity and infrastructure software startups
Series A and B

33N was set up by two investors with remarkably similar names — Carlos Alberto Silva and Carlos Moreira da Silva — in partnership with financial services firm Alantra. The fund plans to write cheques of around €10m into growth-stage cybersecurity startups. It's backed by Caixa Capital, the VC arm of the Portuguese Bank and Portuguese investment firm Golden Wealth Management.

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