March 5, 2023

Inside Klarna's $1bn annual loss — Startup Europe, The Sifted Podcast

The Swedish buy now, pay later startup has taken another hit. We get into it on the pod

Steph Bailey

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The special guest on the pod this week was Richard Robinson, cofounder and CEO of RobinAI — the legaltech startup using generative AI, which this week announced a $10.5m Series A round, led by Plural, the VC firm launched by Songkick founder Ian Hogarth and Wise cofounder Taavet Hinrikus (who we had on the pod last week).

We discussed:

  • How RobinAI works — and makes sure it doesn't get anything wrong
  • Who is actually using this technology
  • What "human in the loop" means and why it's a good idea

We were also joined by Sifted journalist Éanna Kelly to find out whether non-billionaires will ever be able to go to space? From space balloons to rocket-maker collectives, he mapped out the space travel options for budget-conscious folks. 


And in our news roundup, we covered:

Steph Bailey

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