Female angel investors are in the minority in Europe — at just 14% of the angel community in the UK, 9% in Spain and 5% in France — and that has a notable knock-on effect on the number of female founders raising early-stage funding.

It’s time that changed.

“There’s a correlation between the number of female angel investors and investment into female founders,” Sophia Bendz, a partner at venture capital fund Atomico and a prominent female angel investor, told Sifted. “If there’s a female investment partner at a VC firm — or a female angel involved — it creates positive momentum for women.”

In collaboration with women in tech community Femstreet, Sifted is building a list of female angel investors and syndicates in Europe. We have a fairly extensive list already, but we’d love to discover some smaller groups and lone ranger investors too.

With this list we hope to:

  • raise the profile of female angels investing in Europe
  • help female angels engage with and support one another
  • make it easier for founders (especially female founders) to get in touch with relevant female angels
  • demystify angel investing — and encourage more women to consider it

If you’re a female angel who would like to take part, please submit your details here. Or if you’d prefer email Amy at Sifted directly.

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