March 12, 2020

The 10 Spanish startups with the fastest growing teams

All of these Spanish startups more than doubled their team size last year.

Tim Smith

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Singular Cover
Singular Cover

Spanish startups have been making waves in recent months, with room-rental app Badi’s expansion to New York and delivery platform Glovo becoming the country’s second unicorn. But who might be next to make it big from Spain?

To identify some of the country’s most buzzy startups, we looked at who’s hired fastest in the last year.

Using numbers from LinkedIn and Dealroom, we ranked 9,332 startups based on how quickly their teams are growing. This data isn’t perfect, but it does give us an idea of some of Spain’s most exciting young companies.


1) SingularCover

Singular Cover
SingularCover office.

The Barcelona-based insurtech startup has increased its team size more than tenfold in the last year. The company uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to provide customised insurance quotes for freelancers and small businesses.

Launched: 2018

HQ: Barcelona

Team growth over 12 months: 1150% (2 to 25)

2) Nemuru

Nemuru team.

Business-to-business fintech Nemuru allows businesses to offer clients quick and easy online loans of up to €20,000. The startup now looks set for even faster growth after announcing a partnership with Banco Sabadell to expand their client base.

Launched: 2018

HQ: Barcelona

Team growth over 12 months: 800% (3 to 27)

3) Kenmei Technologies

Kenmei Technologies
Kenmei Technologies founding team.

This early-stage, Valencia-based artificial intelligence startup analyses big data sets to improve efficiencies for telecoms companies and mobile network operators. The company tripled its team size in the last year.

Launched: 2018

HQ: Valencia

Team growth over 12 months: 300% (10 to 30)

4) TravelPerk

TravelPerk offices

It’s no surprise that TravelPerk ranks high in the list of Spain’s fastest-growing startups. Last summer the business travel platform completed a Series C round of €92.5m and in 2019 saw a 300% increase in revenue.

Launched: 2015

HQ: Barcelona

Team growth over 12 months: 276% (129 to 485)

5) NetRivals

NetRivals office.

This pricing management startup aimed at the e-commerce sector allows clients to analyse competitors’ prices and automatically raise or lower their own to stay competitive. The company has nearly tripled its workforce in the last 12 months.

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Launched: 2015

HQ: Barcelona

Team growth over 12 months: 137% (19 to 45)

6) Bnext


This Madrid-based neobank startup is one of Spain’s hottest fintechs with more than 300,000 active users. Bnext offers customers online accounts, payment cards and money management software, which it soon hopes to bring to Latin America.

Launched: 2016

HQ: Madrid

Team growth over 12 months: 125% (48 to 108)

7) Gana Energía

Gana Energía
Gana Energía.

This renewable energy startup is attempting to disrupt what it calls the “oligopoly of the large electric companies in Spain”. It promises transparent pricing at lower rates than all of the major suppliers and now has more than 15,000 customers.

Launched: 2015

HQ: Valencia

Team growth over 12 months: 120% (25 to 55)

8) Mr Jeff

Mr Jeff.

The laundry service startup Mr Jeff now employs nearly 600 people and is currently active in more than 10 countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America. After acquiring Entrenarme and Oh My Cut! last year, the company is now moving into the fitness and beauty spaces.

Launched: 2015

HQ: Valencia

Team growth over 12 months: 119% (274 to 599)

9) Clicpiso

Francisco A Moreno, Clicpiso CEO and founder

Madrid-based proptech startup Clicpiso is trying to take the pain out of real estate, promising to buy homes from customers within seven days. Clicpiso “flips” homes, buying them, then renovating and selling for a profit, and it’s more doubled in size in the last year.

Launched: 2017

HQ: Madrid

Team growth over 12 months: 118% (22 to 48)

10) Housfy

Albert Bosch, Housfy chief executive.

Another proptech completes our list — Housfy differs from Clicpiso by connecting sellers and buyers directly, promising to sell your home within 60 days. The startup is also developing a mortgage broker arm and is active in Spain and Portugal.


Launched: 2017

HQ: Barcelona

Team growth over 12 months: 103% (64 to 130)

Tim Smith

Tim Smith is a senior reporter at Sifted. He covers deeptech and all things taboo, and produces Startup Europe — The Sifted Podcast . Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn