June 6, 2024

Seven energy storage startups to watch, according to investors

We asked three investors for the (non-portfolio) energy storage startups they’re watching

Renewable energy sources are intermittent — we can’t control when the sun shines or the wind blows. That means that as we transition to a greener grid we need to build energy storage systems to store energy when it’s being produced and then deploy it when it’s not. 

Some companies, like UK startup Field and Sweden’s Ingrid Capacity, are developing large-scale batteries to store energy and hook into the grid. Others are working on software to make storage batteries more efficient, while some are designing new batteries. 

Sifted asked three investors for the (non-portfolio) energy storage startups they’re watching.

Madelene Larsson, Principal at Giant Ventures

Giant Ventures is an impact-focused VC based in London.

Thaleron — UK 

With more renewables coming online, cheap energy storage is a critical piece to enable our journey to net-zero. Thaleron is working on energy storage systems which use mechanical approach to create low cost storage — with a bold vision to make a carbon-free grid cheaper than fossil fuels.


Terralayr — Switzerland

Terralayr has a big vision to solve distributed energy storage. Its approach is to virtually aggregate grid-scale storage assets in Europe to create the "world's first energy cloud". By securing the flexibility layer it could potentially offer financial products (such as hedging and insurance), as well as virtual storage for solar and wind farms.

Marius Evers, investor at Kiko Ventures

Kiko Ventures is a climate tech-focused VC.

Terra One — Germany 

Terra One is a battery park development and management startup, with proprietary algorithmic energy trading software. Terra One has great market timing, a very capable team and has made savvy decisions on its park locations, aiming to use existing grid infrastructure and under-utilised land close to transformer stations, resulting in low connectivity costs.


Altris is a battery tech startup focusing on sodium-ion cathode active materials production for batteries. Altris makes batteries that are cheaper and emit less CO2. The company has already struck partnership deals with big players in this space, such as gigafactory startup Northvolt.

Gaussion — UK

Gaussion uses magnetic fields to double the charging performance and lifetime of batteries for EVs and other applications. The technology is patented and the team has a very strong research background, as well as a track record of accessing both public and private funding sources to scale up the technology.

Till Thietje, investor at AENU

AENU is an early stage investor in climate and impact tech in Europe. 

About:Energy — UK

About Energy develops a virtual battery prototyping platform. This enables manufacturers to conduct R&D faster and cheaper. By providing comprehensive data and advanced algorithms, they enhance decision-making across the battery development process, leading to better performance, longer lifetimes, and improved sustainability of energy storage systems.

SiZeable — Italy

Sizeable, brings pumped hydro power offshore and is an example of the creativity with which founders approach the challenge of making long-duration energy storage economically viable.