August 3, 2020

Are you one of Europe’s top entrepreneurs?

Applications are open for this year’s Digital Top 50 Awards (DT50), celebrating leading founders and firms across the European ecosystem.

Connor Bilboe

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Digital Tech 50 Awards

It’s that time of the year again: the Digital Top 50 Awards. The (for now) virtual event celebrates Europe’s brightest tech entrepreneurs, founders and firms across a score of sectors and categories, including tech for good.

If that sounds like you, the good news is that applications are now open.

An expert jury of executives, founders and directors will be judging the awards, while the event’s partners — McKinsey, Google, Hering Schuppener, 468 Capital and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer — have put together a tempting package for the prize winners.

Those who leave the event victorious will receive strategic and legal advice, technical workshops, fundraising coaching and communication tips, along with plenty of networking opportunities.


And then there’s the kudos. 

Outstanding benefits beyond the trophy

Lubomila Jordanova, founder and chief executive of PlanA.Earth, last year’s winner in the Social Tech category, is confident that taking home the trophy at the event helped grow her business significantly.

Winning DT50 added to our credibility and contributed to a tenfold sales increase.

“Winning DT50 added to our credibility, contributed to a tenfold sales increase and helped us stipulate our position as a sustainability and carbon management tech leader in Europe,” she says. The Berlin-based startup helps businesses become more sustainable by measuring and reducing their carbon footprint. “We are still bearing the fruits of this success and are really grateful for the opportunity.” 

Not only has the event helped winners increase their brand presence and sales externally, but it has helped companies internally too. 

Leanne Kemp, the chief executive of 2016 winner Everledger, a London-based fintech using blockchain technology to track the history of high-value assets such as diamonds and luxury goods, explains how uplifting it’s been for her entire team, not just managers. “I was surprised how excited our employees were about winning. This didn’t just go for individual executives and contributors at Everledger,” she says.

“Winning awards is a tremendous morale builder for teams and should not be underestimated as a great motivator for all staff.”

Who can apply

The event is open for companies across a number of sectors, covering (but not limited to) ecommerce, SaaS, marketplaces, AI, IoT and direct-to-consumer brands. Applicants from all over Europe and at all stages are encouraged to apply, so long as they haven’t raised more than $100m to date.

Winners will be chosen in four categories: best technology; best consumer business model innovation; best enterprise business model innovation; and tech for good. 

What are you waiting for?

To find out more and apply, visit the Digital Top 50 Awards site.