April 26, 2023

Downturn survival guide: A new Sifted podcast

Europe has been hit by a tech downturn — Sifted hears from expert investors and resilient founders about how to survive

Steph Bailey

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In Downturn Survival Guide, our new podcast mini-series in collaboration with EQT Ventures, Startup Life reporter Anisah Osman Britton interviews resilient founders and experienced investors about operating in a downturn.

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The first episode interviews Alastair Mitchell, partner at investment fund EQT Ventures, and Pari Singh, CEO of "the GitHub for engineering" Flow Engineering, about what the startup ecosystem can learn from the dotcom crash and 2007-8 financial crises — events that appear to have repeated themselves with the current tech downturn and dramatic fall of Silicon Valley Bank.

The podcast delves into the similarities and differences between these events, providing practical advice for startups and tips on what the tech sector should still be optimistic about.


Presenter: Anisah Osman Britton
Editor: Billy Craigon
Producer: Steph Bailey
Project manager: Tanya Maheshwari 

This podcast series is brought to you by Sifted and EQT Ventures.

Steph Bailey

Steph Bailey is head of content at Sifted. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn