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Gen Z in finance: How fintechs are preparing for the next generation event promo image

Generation Z has become a battleground for fintechs, with a wave of new players now looking to tap into this lucrative and under-served market. Among the contenders are giants like Revolut alongside smaller specialised newcomers.


So what does it take to win? Will these young customers really show brand loyalty? And what does the path to profitability look like?


Moderator: Isabel Woodford, senior reporter, Sifted 



Maisum Dairkee, senior product owner, Revolut Junior 

Louise Hill, founder & COO, gohenry 

Stephen Ritter, CTO, Mitek

Debt vs. equity: What you need to know event promo image

Talks/ Debt vs. equity: What you need to know

Wednesday May 26 12:30 BST

Founders and VCs ultimately want to grow the most valuable business they can while owning as much as they can — and receiving capital in exchange for equity is not the only way to finance a startup. Venture debt is an often overlooked option, and one many founders still don’t really understand.



We’ll be discussing:

  • What are the basics that every startup should know about venture debt?
  • What kind of businesses should opt for venture debt?
  • What are some examples of startups that used venture debt to bolster growth?
  • How can venture debt set a business up for a successful IPO or M&A?


Moderator: Amy Lewin, deputy editor, Sifted



Catherine Birkett, CFO, GoCardless

Martin Gibson, venture partner, Accel

Sonya Iovieno, head of venture & growth, Silicon Valley Bank

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How to market in a crisis event promo image

Friday May 15 12:00 GMT

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