Top Berlin startups to follow in a post-Corona world

Berlin is home to one of Europe’s most exciting tech ecosystem. Startups such as GetYourGuide, N26 and Raisin are just some of those at the forefront of the continent’s new economy.

But the coronavirus has radically altered the business model of many young tech companies. No list of top startups today would be complete without asking: which are most likely to thrive in the post-Corona world?

This here is a living list of the city’s top startups with a twist, which will be regularly updated in the coming months. Keep reading to stay informed about Europe’s changing new economy.

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Potential Winners

Startups benefiting from trends like the rise of digital doctors, working from home and online learning

Hard to Tell

A giant recession will probably be bad for them, but aside from that it’s hard to tell what impact coronavirus will have

Likely Losers

Startups in industries such as travel, co-working and events are likely to be particularly impacted by the ongoing implications of the coronavirus pandemic