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This week on the podcast, we bring you our latest reporting on European tech’s blockbuster deal of the year, as Turkish speedy grocery delivery company Getir finalises a deal to buy its German rival Gorillas. 

Then we chat about two companies that are having slightly better luck than Gorillas — Norwegian online grocery store Oda, which announced a €150m funding round, and French startup La Tournée which offers a zero-waste grocery delivery service and just raised €2m.

After we zoom out and discuss the findings from the latest version of Atomico’s State of European Tech Report. We talk recession, IPOs, megarounds and gender diversity. 

Our first guest is Robert Falck, the CEO of electric and driverless truck company Einride. Fresh from announcing a massive investment round of €500m, Flack shares his thoughts on Tesla.

Lastly, we’re joined by Sifted reporter Kai Nicol-Schwarz to chat about his latest piece of community journalism, where he’s been asking the Sifted audience what people think of accelerators. It turns out they’re a Marmite part of the startup world — some people love them and other people hate them.