Smart thoughts

👘 Is Farfetch spending too much on customer acquisition? Great look at the luxury fashion platform from the Business of Fashion.


🏃‍♀️What should you do during your startup’s first 100 days? From the one and only Oussama Ammar.


🤣 Do you want to regulate Big Tech? Ha, sorry, Europe has beat you to it.

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🙌 How to be a socially responsible founder. (If you don’t already know Sharmadean Reid, founder of beauty booking platform Beautystack, read this. If you do, you’re going to read anyway.)


🧘 What financial institutions can, should and are doing to stop the vicious circle between poor financial health and poor mental health. From the brilliant Sarah Kocianski at 11:FS.


🏗️ How to build a feminist city. Apolitical looks at initiatives to make urban environments from female-friendly from around the world — including (no surprise here) Sweden.

The big picture

🕹️ How Silicon Valley has gamed Europe’s privacy rules, from our friends at Politico.


👩‍🍳 What’s next for “cloud” kitchens? The FT’s Tim Bradshaw looks at the next big leap for the food delivery sector, following Deliveroo’s big raise this week. (€)


💰German’s are rich: Here is Europe’s disposable income, mapped.


🌽 The “agrifood” sector as a whole is seeing more activity at the earlier stages, as this new report highlights. AgFunder has identified $1.6bn of funding across 421 deals.


🇬🇷 Why Greece — and its universities — are primed to become a thriving tech hub. (€)

The bizarre and brilliant

🦗 French insect farm startup Ynsect has raised $125m: Its CEO eats guacamole with grasshoppers with Sifted and talks about the future of eating bugs.


🐏 STOP EVERYTHING. This is the most important tale you will read all week. A British man has been hired by Elon Musk for his skills at tweeting sheep. Here is his story.


💀Europe’s skeleton tech startups are 3D printing real bones.


🥑 How automated decision systems work (explained via an avocado).


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Hi to everyone. My name is Tatiana. And…

I would like to share with you an article that you shouldn’t miss because this is an interview with the Head of Tech at TransferWise:

He told us a lot of interesting information that will be and useful for the future and novice startuppers. Especially, concerning investments.